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  Media Module Overhead Suspended Service Duct Overhead Service Broom Above Bench or Suspended Satelite    
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    Media Module    
This Media Module Service compartment can accommodate the gas fitting, water outlet as well as electrical switch socket outlet from the top, bottom, left or right. Those three services could be sectionally installed to provide a higher degree of safety as all controls can be grouped together for easy access in case of an emergency.
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    Overhead Suspended Service Duct    
Overhead suspended service duct with electrical trunking & void with removable cover for gas piping & fixture.
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    Overhead Service Broom    
The Overhead Service Broom is designed to serve electrical services and special gases vertically or horizontally to ensure a highly flexible system installed. It enable the working area to be free from fittings and electrical outlets.
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    Above Bench or Suspended Satelite    
Above Bench Or Suspended Satellite design with built-in Eubiq electrical power track & service duct for mounting gas piping & fixture.
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